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Paid Advertising

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Paid Advertising

Whether it’s Google, Bing or another search engine that you are interested in, we've got you covered.

We also offer Search Engine Marketing workshops to help you understand the basics of your account and how to manage on your own


Account Setup

Using current industry best practices, Cape Cod Digital Marketing will do the homework and heavy lifting to create and set up your Google Ad account.

Account setup includes:

  • Competitor and keyword research

  • Account creation, settings including daily budget and location targeting

  • Ad group creation using specific keyword sets based on initial research

  • Ad copy creation (2 per ad group) using current industry best practices


As a business owner you already wear too many hats on a daily basis, why not let us help you maintain your account?

We offer services that range from optimizing keyword bids to ad copy and landing page testing services, all driving towards increased revenue and awareness for your brand.

Existing Account Optimization

Do you already have an account but are unsure where or how to make improvements to save money and improve conversions? Let us do an account audit for you