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A result-focused digital marketing agency. 

Cape Cod Digital Marketing helps service-based business owners on Cape Cod who are looking for better marketing results. We use our proprietary 4 Phase Marketing Framework to help businesses attract new clients.

Want to increase new clients using your website and online marketing, but frustrated trying to figure out the most effective way to utilize your marketing budget? Working with service based businesses for over 15 years, and as a growing service-based business on Cape Cod, we’ve learned that each business has its own unique marketing challenges and goals. We’ve created a proprietary planning and reporting framework that helps you increase sales from marketing and avoid missing out to your competition.

What we do

Content marketing (blogging)

Blogging and other content creation (images & videos) is essential to an effective marketing program. Delivering valuable, interesting and useful information to your target customers increases your brand authority, keeps you top of mind and provides fuel for your email and social media efforts.


paid advertising (pay-per-click)

Paid Advertising like Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising have proven to be an extremely valuable piece of any digital marketing strategy. Providing extended reach to customers with the ability to target the right buyer types in the right place and time. 

Social media marketing

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, social media is a powerful way to build an engaged brand community, establish yourself as a knowledge leader, and drive potential customers to your website. When done effectively, social media marketing will make you stand out from the competition.

Email Marketing

Utilizing and email contact list to engage and share news with your ‘brand aware’ audience can be one of the most effective ways to increase revenue and spread awareness. CCDM specializes in email list segmentation and content development that ensures the right message to the right audience.

Public Relations

Although not a traditional digital marketing channel, press release development has become an increasingly important component in our marketing plans. As news outlets have turned digital, businesses must adapt and take advantage of the potential digital benefits from PR in todays landscape.

Website Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization projects start with a technical site audit. The purpose and value of a website audit is to understand the current state of your website, establish a baseline for optimization and develop a project plan to implement improvements.



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